Eye Care Center, Pokhara.
Our base eye center is situated at New Road, Pokhara Nepal. This center is affiliated with and situated on the top floor of Padma Nursing Home, a privately run multidisciplinary health care center. It was established in the month of July, 2000. (Fig 1)

This center has a spacious waiting room, (Fig-2) vision room, dark room for various examination required to be conducted in dark, procedure and minor surgery room, main operation theatre, wards for admission of patients and the main examination chamber equipped with state of the art ophthalmic equipments and digital photography and archiving system through which patients and attendants can see the eye diseases themselves and also see the improvements occurring in their eyes after treatment. (Fig-3)
This main examination chamber also has a motorized ophthalmic examination unit (Fig-4) onto which major ophthalmic equipments are mounted and a motorized patient examination chair which can be converted into examination and treatment table within seconds. (Fig-5) Due to this, once the patients sit on their examination chair, all the examinations of the eyes are completed at one sitting without the patients having to move at all.(Figs-6, Figs-7 & Figs- 8)  Other instruments like keratometer, A-scan ultrasonogrphy machine and B-scan ultrasonography machine and Lensometer are also arranged in the same examination chamber so that patients do not have to travel from room to room for these examinations.(Fig -9)

Procedure and Minor OT room is adjacent to the main examination chamber so that if any diagnostic procedure such as syringing or examination of children or dressing is required, it is done immediately without losing any time. All minor surgeries are available within 15 minutes (instrument preparation time) and patients do not have to wait for these procedures or surgeries. Full range of minor ophthalmic surgeries is available.

All types of major ophthalmic surgeries are available if patient is fit medically. There is no waiting period for any eye surgeries. Surgeries are conducted in the evenings after 6 O’clock every day. Day care surgeries are available and most patients can go home after surgery. If they are not from Pokhara and want to stay, then they can stay in general ward or semiprivate wards or in the private cabins. Nurses trained in post operative care and medical officers are available round the clock. For patients with serious medical problems, CCU (Cardiac Care Unit) and ICU (Intensive Care Units) are available in the hospital. General anesthesia is available round the clock. Patients from outside Pokhara can get surgery done on the same evening if they present to us in the morning.

All patients receiving treatment and surgery are counseled by well trained counselors and the consultant. (Fig-10, Fig-11)Patients are cordially assisted through all steps of their examination and treatment.
Eye Care Center, Mahendrapul Branch:

On request from the patients, a branch of this center was opened at Mahendrapul, Pokhara in September 2004. All routine ophthalmic diagnostic procedures and minor surgeries are available at this center (Fig 12) . This center also has Glaucoma and Neuro-ophthalmic Clinic in which all glaucoma and neuro-ophthalmological diagnostic facilities are available. Patients with Glaucoma and Neuro-ophthalmological diseases are examined after prior appointments. Appointments are given after general eye check-up by the ophthalmologist at either of the centers.

NOTE: (Patients requiring major surgeries are referred to our main center at New Road)

Working Hours (Pokhara)
Sunday - Friday : 8:00 AM to 9:45 AM
  3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Saturday : 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Working Hours (Mahendrapul Branch)
Sunday - Friday : 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Saturday : Closed




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